Slide David Evans and Ryan Moore celebrate Rohaan's victory in the Wokingham OWNERSHIP ENJOY A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE!

Racehorse Ownership at Ty Derlwyn

Whether you are new to racehorse ownership, or already have many years of experience, we would be happy to welcome you to Ty Derlwyn Farm and are confident that we can enhance your enjoyment of the sport.

Horse racing is one of the most popular spectator sports in the world and, unlike many other sports, you can be right at the heart of it by becoming a racehorse owner. There are over 13,500 registered owners in the UK, all of whom play an influential role in supporting this great sport.

You can be become one of them, and we can help you decide what sort of ownership is right for you.

Our objective at David Evans Racing is to be able to offer affordable ownership, whether it be sole ownership, in a partnership, or as part of a syndicate. We usually have horses available so please get in touch to organise a visit to our stables and discuss ownership options!

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​Different Types of Racehorse Ownership